How to become a User

  1. Schedule a meeting to discuss your project by If you are not affiliated with MSU and do not have an MSU NetID, let us know so we can start  the process of obtaining one for you. 
  2. Register using the forms found here:
    1. PIs must first register each project ( Note that a new form must be submitted for each new project.
    2. Each user must then register:
      Theseregistration forms are used for billing purposes and to collect project and optionaldemographic information for required reporting to the National Science Foundation.
  3.  Basic Safety Training: Go to follow the instructions for online safety training. Use the provided username and password, “6450632” and  “59718”, respectively, to access the BLR employee training site. Use your own information when filling out the forms before each training session. Afterward, save .pdfs of your certifications, and email all copies that the names listed below are the exact course titles. Use the “Search courses” bar to ensure you are taking the correct course and note one  with a similar name. 
    • Chemical Safety for Laboratory Workers (30 min) 
    • Laboratory Safety (30 min) 
    • Hazardous Waste Safety in the Laboratory (30 min) 
    • Hazard Communication and GHS: What Employees Need to Know (30 min) 
    • Laboratory Hoods (30 min) 
    • Laboratory PPE (30 min) 
    • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety (30 min) Optional 
    • Fire Extinguishers Safe Use and Handling (INT) (30 min) 
  4. Finish reading this document, the MMF User Manual (30 min). 
  5. Read the MMF Chemical Hygiene Plan (30 min). 
  6. Email to schedule a lab tour, onsite safety training, and general wet chemistry training (2.5 hrs). 
  7. Take the MMF Safety and Policy Quiz (5 minutes): link to quiz.

Upon completion of the seven steps listed above, MMF staff will provide you with access to the  MMF Reservation System, the Shared User Management System (SUMS), access codes to the staff  office Barnard 111 and Barnard 107 cleanroom and will add you to the MMF lab users listserv  (