Equipment Fees

Equipment Academic  Industrial Training time
ABM Contact Aligner $60/hr $120/hr 4 hrs
AML AWB Wafer Bonder $35/hr $70/hr 4 hrs
Angstrom Amod Evaporator $95/hr $190/hr 4 hrs
Angstrom Evovac Evaporator $95/hr $190/hr 4 hrs
Angstrom Sputter System $110/hr $220/hr 4 hrs
Angstrom Sun Ellipsometer $60/hr $120/hr 2 hrs
Anric Technologies AT410 ALD $55/hr $110/hr 2 hrs
ATV PEO-603 Oxidation Furnace $60/hr $120/hr 4 hrs
Dektak XTa Stylus Profilometer $55/hr $110/hr 2 hrs
Dry Film Micro Lamination $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
DISCO DAD3221 Dicing Saw $55/hr $110/hr 4 hrs
ESCI Fibrotools IKo Jr Electroplater $80/hr $160/hr 4 hrs
FlackTec SpeedMixer $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
Harrick Plasma Cleaner $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
Headway PWM32 Spin Coater $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
Filmetrics F20 Reflectometer $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical Profilometer $55/hr $110/hr 2 hrs
K&S 4124 Gold Ball Bonder $75/hr $150/hr 2 hrs
K&S 4523AD Wedge Bonder $75/hr $150/hr 2 hrs
Laurell WS-650Mz Spin Coater $60/hr $120/hr 1 hr
Lindberg/Blue Boron Diffusion Furnace $60/hr $120/hr 4 hrs*
March 3124 RIE Etcher $75/hr $150/hr 2 hrs
Modulab Thermal Evaporator $85/hr $170/hr 2 hrs 
Modulab Oxidation Furnace $60/hr $120/hr 4 hrs*
Modulab Phosphorous Diffusion Furnace $60/hr $120/hr 4 hrs*
Optical Microscopes $15/hr $30/hr 1 hr
Oxford Plasmalab System 100 ICP Etcher $130/hr $260/hr 4 hrs
PVA Tepla Ion 10 Asher $45/hr $90/hr 1 hr
Wet Benches Included in access fee Included in access fee Included in safety training

Other Fees

General Lab Safety Training $50 $100  
Lab Access Fee



Staff Remote Work $70/hr $140/hr  

Unchanged Policies

  • Use of the evaporation and sputter systems may include a setup charge if a target change is required.
  • Material usage fees apply for Au and Pt.
  • Time usage is billed in ¼ hour increments. Round your time fairly. For example, if you work for 20 minutes, recording ¼ hour is acceptable. If you work for 25 minutes, record the time in the logbook as ½ hour.
  • We will assess a one-time fee for our three-hour in-person safety training. You will not be charged a daily access fee on your training day.
  • The above daily access fees will be split evenly among all active projects for the usage month, for each user. 
  • Training fees will be assessed after the first training.

Updated or New Policies

  • According to federal guidelines, we are not allowed to use caps. Therefore, we cannot have a monthly hard cap for academic usage or a monthly soft cap for industrial users. We also are not allowed to cap the daily usage fees to a monthly max maximum. 
    • Academic access fee: $50/day.
    • Commercial access fee: $100/day.
  • We are now charging a small fee for optical microscopes.
  • We now charge training fees based on hours rather than a fixed charge.
  • * - If you are trained on one of these three tools, the training on the remaining two reduces to 1 hr each.