Current Staff

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Dr. David Dickensheets

Facility Director

Dr. Dickensheets joined the Montana State ECE faculty in 1997. He received the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1997 under the mentorship of Professor Gordon Kino in the Ginzton Laboratory. 

A native of the rural west, Dr. Dickensheets received the BSEE degree from the University of Colorado in 1985 and the MSEE degree from the University of Washington in 1988. From 1988 until 1991 he worked as a design engineer for the Hewlett-Packard Company in its Medical Products Division in Andover, MA, performing low-noise analog circuit design for cardiac ultrasound imagers.  

Dr. Dickensheets' research interests include MEMS and MOEMS (acronyms for micro{-opto}-electro-mechanical systems), active and adaptive optics, optical microscopy and spectroscopy of tissues, and the application of microfabrication techniques to develop miniature imaging instruments for biological research, health care and industry. He teaches courses in the areas of circuits and electronics, signals and systems, electromagnetic fields and optics. Dr. Dickensheets is the Director of MONT, the Montana Nanotechnology Facility, a shared-use facility where students and researchers from both academia and industry can perform microdevice and nanotechnology research and development. MONT is part of the NSF supported NNCI National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure program.

Dr. Dickensheets has published over 80 papers and three book chapters related to optical instrumentation and MEMS, and has been granted 14 patents. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS, and has chaired several SPIE conferences on MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems. Dr. Dickensheets is a Fellow of SPIE, a senior member of IEEE, and a member of OSA.  

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Dr. Joshua Heinemann

Microfluidics Scientist and Lithography Specialist

Dr. Heinemann is a research scientist and engineer at the Montana Microfabrication Facility of Montana State University and an affiliate scientist of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), where he specializes in engineering digital microfluidic systems for the study of metabolism. Heinemann did his postdoctoral research at University of California, Berkeley where he studied the use of microfluidics for synthetic cellular design in the laboratories of Dr. Trent Northen at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) and Joint Genome Institute (JGI). Heinemann also designed sample delivery systems for protein crystallography at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (LCLS) and Spring-8 SACLA in the laboratory of Dr. Jan Kern. Heinemann received his Ph.D. from Montana State University in 2014, in the laboratory of Dr. Brian Bothner.

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Dr. Andrew Lingley 

Facility Manager and Engineer

A graduate and Doctoral Candidate from the University of Washington, Andrew Lingley shortly after graduation worked for the university as a Senior Engineer. 

In 2015, he moved on to work full time as a Nanofabrication Engineer and Manager at Modern Electron.

From 2019 to present, he is now the Manager and Research Engineer for the Montana Microfabrication Facility at Montana State University.

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Student Staff

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Geneva Feist

Microfabrication Technician

Geneva transferred to Montana State University from the University of Washingtonto study electrical engineering inthe fall of 2019. She worked as a grader and TA in the Electrical Engineering Department before being hired at the MMF in March of 2020. Geneva’s responsibilities include: remote work for clients, process development, training users, writing operating manuals and lab procedures, and user outreach. 


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Picture of student lab worker, Davis Ridgeway

Davis Ridgeway

Student Lab Worker

Davis began attending MSU in Fall 2020, majoring in electrical engineering. In his freshman year Davis was hired to work at the MMF, in order to develop and integrate a Shared User Management System (SUMS) into both lab spaces the MMF has. Davis’ current responsibilities include working with Network Administrators, laboratory upkeep, ordering supplies, as well as exploring, designing, and documenting creative solutions to interface the laboratory equipment with the SUMS software. 

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Katelyn Langguth

Student Lab Worker

Katelyn Langguth works for the Montanan Microfabrication Facility as an undergraduate research assistant. Originally from South Dakota, she began attending MSU in the Fall of 2018 and is studying both Chemical and Biological Engineering. She plans to use her degrees to improve medical device technology or renewable energy sources.

Lance Gonzalez

 Student Lab Worker

Lance began his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering through Montana State University’s Honors College in the fall of 2020. He was then hired to the MMF in September of 2021 to assist in laboratory maintenance and supply ordering, as well as process development and user remote work. Through his work, Lance hopes to gain experience and insight in the microfabrication industry and pursue it after his undergraduate.

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Colt Copelin

Colt Copelin

Student Lab Worker

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Colt is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University. Colt's responsibilities included: ordering equipment and lab supplies, communicating with users, and troubleshooting equipment issues. 

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Precious Imokhai

 Student Lab Worker

Precious Imokhai joined the Microfabrication facility in 2020. Previously, she had worked as a retail sales assistant for Homat Global Services, as well as a Receptionist Administrative Assistant for First City Hospital Nigeria Limited. Moving to the United States, she worked for various organizations associated with Montana State University. She then worked as an office assistant and student accountant for the Montana Microfabrication Facility. Her duties involved important processes such as creating grants for clients to use, sending out invoices, organizing bookkeeping processes, and drafting and reporting final presentations. As someone who took on a variety of roles within the MSU community, Precious has honed in critical skills like her attention to detail and diligence. When building connections with those around her, Precious had used her ability as an excellent listener in order to form camaraderie with her peers.
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Daniel Hurford

Student Lab Worker

Originally from Colorado, Daniel Hurford worked as a student lab assistant at the MMF for over two years, and his course of study was Mechanical Engineering Technology. Dan's responsibilities included ordering equipment, communicating with users, troubleshooting and fixing equipment issues, and assisting Andrew Lingley with ongoing tasks and projects. Dan is currently using his skills from his degree, as well as his organizational skills from working at the MMF to help run his uncle's construction company. 

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Britney Patek

Student Graphic Designer

Britney Patek served as a graphic designer for organizations at  Montana State University Billings and Montana State University. She had worked with both universities to promote organizations and events that help engage students and open up new opportunities. She worked as a web designer for MONT and the facilities that are under it such as the MMF and ICAL.
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Benjamin Raymond 

 Student Lab Worker

Served as a lab assistant responsible for the development of microfabricated devices produced in a tightly controlled cleanroom environment. Maintained facilities and equipment used for etching, deposition, and measurement. Logged and troubleshoot faults on equipment such as plasma etchers. Provided assistance to users on the use of equipment. Assisted in product development and procedures. Additional duties included keeping lab clean, ordering chemicals and gases used in products such as acids, bases, and oxidizers. Ensured the safe use and execution of equipment and chemicals by users.

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Theresa Rehbein

Student Lab Worker

Theresa Rehbein is an alumna of chemical engineering, originally from Billings, Montana. She had worked at the MMF since the spring of her freshman year. In addition to working as a research associate at the MMF, Theresa was active with the Society of Women Engineers and Students Against Sexual Assault organizations on campus. She is using her degree to help improve the functionality and sustainability of everyday processes in a field that will never cease to challenge her.