Acid Process Wetbench


Photoresist strip and BOE etch wetbench.






Operating Manual

*Note that the instructions below may not contain the most recent updates. Please refer to the manuals printed and posted at the equipment.


  • Make sure you are wearing double gloves.
  • Do not pinch your fingerswhileclosing thedoor. 

Allowed Materials and Processes 

  • TheSemitoolSRD is for cleaning and drying wafers and masks.

Restricted Materials and Processes 

  • Do not place any other objects besides wafers in wafer boats and masks in mask holder cassettes in theSemitoolSRD.  

1. Make sure that the MAIN and SYS lights are green on the oxidation wet bench, and that the nitrogen on the oxidation wet bench is switched on.  

2.Turn on the appropriate controller for the SRD bowl using the ON/OFF switch. 

3. Place your wafers into awafer holdercassette orplace your mask into a mask holder cassette. 

4. While pressing the Door Release Latch button located on the side of the SRD, open the desired door.

5. Place wafer boat or mask holder cassette into SRD. 

  1. Make sure that the H-bar side of the wafer boat goes into the SRD first

6. Close the door while continuing to hold Door Release Latch button until door is secure. 

7. Press the Start button for desired spin rinse dryer.

8. When cycle is complete,open door while holding DoorRelease Latch button, and remove wafer or mask holder cassette. 

9. Verify that the rotor stopped in an upright position. 

Close the door while continuing to hold Door Release Latch button until door is secure. 

11. Turn off the ON/OFF switch. 

12. Turn off nitrogen on the oxidation wet bench. 


  • Holding Door Release Latch button and door will not open. 
  • Hold Door Release Latch button, then release at the same time as you try to open the door. 
  • The Hold Door Release Latch button is very finicky, so this make take several attempts.