Spin Coater

Operating Manual

*Note that the instructions below may not contain the most recent updates. Please refer to the manuals printed and posted at the equipment.


  • Properly center your substrate on the chuck to prevent shattering 
  • Keep resist and cleaning solvents away from the vacuum inlets on chuck 

Allowed Materials and Processes 

TheLaurellspin coater can be used to spin coat allMMFapproved resists(e.g. SU-8 series, AZ1500 series, KMPR series,NR9 series).If you would like to use a new resistormaterial,please get prior approval from the facility manager. 

Restricted Materials and Processes 

TheLaurellspin coater is not approved for spin coating PDMS and other materialsthat might permanently cureinthe equipment 

1. Check the recipe list on theLaurelllogbookto find a program # that isunclaimed.Choose the firstprogram number that is unclaimed(i.e.if 13 is claimed,choose 14and write the number and your name next on the logbooklist.From now on, this program number is yours.DO NOT EDITOTHER USERS'PROGRAMS. 

2. Press "EDIT MODE"and select your program number.Change the parameters of the program to meetyourspecifications. Use“pgup"and “pgdown"to edit each category. 

3. Center your substrate on the chuck. 

4. Turn onthesubstrate vacuum by pressingthe "Vacuum"button. 

5. Press "Run Mode"and select your program number. 

6. Press “Start". 

7. Afterthespin sequence is complete, liftlid slowly to allowresist to run off the backside of the cover toprevent drops on your substrate.  

8. (Optional)Use a “cleanq-tip” wetted with acetone (or other solvent) to clean the edge beadoff ofthe substrate. 

9. Switch off vacuum by pressing "Vacuum"button. 

10. Remove substrate.

Shutdown and Cleanup 

  1. Clean the Laurell with acetone(if you use SU-8 the SU-8 developer tends to clean better than acetone) 
  2. After the bowl is cleaned take the drainage waste on the back ofthe spinner and dump intosolvent waste. Wash the waste container with acetone and replace. 
  3. Close the lid to the spin coater bowl 


  • TheLaurellspin coater will not spin when I press start 
    • Has the vacuum button been pressed? 
    • Is the vacuum valve to the spin coater on the back of the bench turned on? 
    • Is the house vacuum pump turned on?