Photo of an EMS Hotplate


A hotplate for round substrates up to 6" with vacuum. 
Temperature control from ambient to 250C.





Programming Instructions

*Note that the instructions below may not contain the most recent updates. Please refer to the manuals printed and posted at the equipment.

1. Push P. Key for about 5 secs. (Green display will show decimal point)Push P Key again. (Green display shows 0)

2. Push up key until green display reads 381

3. Push P (you are now intothe program menu)

4. Cycle through program menuusing theup key

5. NSP (number of set points) Change to required no.

6. Push Pnow set thetemperatures required

7. Then set temperatures of each set point

8. All you need to do now is go to PAN menu and changeUSrbto CHSP

9. (Change set point using the U Key)

10. Byholding down the up key after you have changed all your settings. It will send you back to the run conditions.

1. Press P

2. Use up/down arrows to adjust to new temperature

3. Press P again

4. Plate will now ramp to new temperature