1. Turn off the water chiller located in the service perimeter, This must be turned off to prevent glycol leaks
  2. Vent the main chamber
  3. Turn off all pumps
  4. Remove all foil
  5. Remove the shields that are lining the chamber. There are 9 of these and you need to detach the sample shutter and the glow discharge rod to remove the ceiling shields
  6. Unscrew the bolts securing the copper plate covering the crucible liners
    Remove this and place to the side, making sure to keep track of the two o-rings
  7. Unscrew the bolts securing the copper crucible holder, remove and set to the side while keeping track of the one o-ring
  8. Remove the mirror mount
  9. Take the two copper pieces, the mirror mount, and the sample plate to the physics machine shop located on the second floor and bead blast the pieces to remove deposition materials.
  10. Thoroughly rinse these in water before returning to the clean room
  11. Once in the clean room, rinse the pieces in water, wipe down with acetone and follow with an IPA rinse.
  12. Bake the pieces in the oven located next to the Modulab Thermal Evaporator for at least twenty minutes to bake off any remaining water vapor.
  13. Re-line the chamber with the proper shields
  14. Re-foil any exposed areas
  15. Replace the o-rings making sure that they are laying flush against the fittings
  16. Replace the crucible holder and firmly screw in
  17. Replace the crucible cover and firmly screw in, the o-rings associated with the cover occasionally require some vacuum grease to form a good seal
  18. Seal the chamber and select full pump down
  19. Let the chamber reach 5e^-6 Torr before restarting the water chiller. If the chamber cannot reach this pressure after several hours there is probably a leak in either the crucible cover or the crucible holder
  20. Remember to update the materials in the Amod Control Software and to change the magnet indicator