Headway Spinner Bench Operating Instructions

  1. Place tin foil, orange absorbent pad or cleaning wipe in the spin bowl to keep bowl clean.
  2. Choose 3”, 4” or small chuck and make sure chuck has O-ring in place for vacuum suction. Place the chuck in the spinner bowl making sure the flat edge of the chuck is aligned with the flat edge on the connection, and fully press the chuck in the bowl.
  3. Choose recipe for photo resist thickness by pressing Recipe button and then the number of the desired recipe program. Spin recipes can be found in the ‘Headway Recipe Sheet Book’ located on the top of the bench.
  4. Load wafer on the black wafer holder and rotate wafer holder over the chuck. Press toggle switch to the up position to lift wafer. Move black wafer holder out of the way and press toggle switch to the down position. The chuck will lower and vacuum will be applied to the back of the substrate.
  5. Press Start button located next to the toggle switch.
  6. Dispense photo resist at appropriate time in spin recipe.
  7. If part of spin recipe, for edge bead removal step, apply Edge Bead Remover to wafer using Q-tip swabs.
  8. Unload wafer.
  9. Clean spinner bowl upon completion using EBR.
  10. Log machine use in log book located on top of spinner machine.
Headway Spinner OperationHeadway Spinner OperationHeadway Spinner OperationHeadway Spinner OperationHeadway Spinner Operation

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Attached Documents

  • application/pdf iconHeadway Spinner Bench Instructions.pdf