Brewer Spinner Bench Operating Instructions

  1. Using alignment fixture, load and center wafer on chuck: Alignment fixture can be adjusted for 3” and 4” wafers.
  2. Choose desired recipe by pressing ‘OPT.’ button until ‘CEE 100CB AUTO DISP’ appears on screen.
  3. Press ‘RUN’ button followed by the number of the desired recipe and then ‘ENTER’. Coater will rotate wafer and ask to verify wafer centering.
  4. Press ‘START’ when ready to begin spin coating and dispense photo resist at appropriate time in spin recipe.
  5. If part of spin recipe, for edge bead removal step apply Edge Bead Remover (EBR) to wafer using Q-tip swabs. Unload wafer and press Reset to silence end of process.
  6. For brewer 115 °C soft bake, press ‘OPT.’ button until ‘CEE 100CB HOTPLATE’ appears on screen. Press ‘RUN’ followed by the desired baking program number and then ‘ENTER’. Press ‘START’ and place wafer on hot plate.
  7. Unload wafer from hot plate upon completion of bake.
  8. Remember to replace orange absorbent pad in spinner bowl and rinse any residue in bowl with EBR.
  9. Log machine use in the Log book located on the ground next to the Brewer Spinner Bench.
Full frame image of Brewer spinnerAlignment fixture and wafer chuckControl pad showing ‘CEE 100CB AUTO DISP’ on screenHot plate

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Attached Documents

  • application/pdf iconBrewer Spinner Bench Instructions.pdf